Common sense of daily maintenance of mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is a relatively popular crushing equipment at present. It is often used to process construction waste, and the equipment is very convenient, fast and stable. In order to maintain the better performance of the equipment, the maintenance measures of the equipment should be in place, and the operators need to master the daily maintenance and overhaul. In order to facilitate the customers to understand the daily maintenance knowledge, we have sorted out some precautions for daily maintenance:


1.The routine maintenance is in place

First, we need to lubricate the equipment for daily maintenance. If the mobile crusher is equipped with a cone crusher or a jaw crusher, a forced lubricating oil system can be used. The changes of oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and other parameters should be paid attention to from time to time.
During the operation of the equipment, attention shall be paid to the noise and vibration. In case of large noise, the operator shall immediately stop the machine for inspection, implement solutions to the fault, and then restart the machine.

2.Maintenance work is indispensable
The performance of the mobile crusher depends on the operator's frequent maintenance. In addition to normal maintenance, the equipment maintenance is divided into three parts: minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.

①Minor repair
During the long-term operation of the mobile crusher, the performance of the equipment will be seriously affected by the wear of individual parts. In order to avoid problems of the equipment, the operators should pay attention to the damage of vulnerable parts, replace the parts in a timely manner, and do the inspection work well.

②Medium repair
When the equipment is out of operation, the maintenance link needs to observe and analyze the use of important parts of the equipment. During medium maintenance, the whole unit is often disassembled, and parts and parts are cleaned.

The overhaul includes all the work of medium and minor repair. During the overhaul of the mobile crusher, it is necessary to adhere to all the parts. Repair and maintain the large and small parts of the equipment to improve the performance of the equipment and improve the production efficiency. The user should make arrangements in all aspects before the overhaul. The overhaul time should be long, so the time should be reasonably arranged to avoid affecting production.

The above is a summary of the general knowledge of mobile crusher maintenance. If you have any questions about the mobile crusher, please feel free to contact us!

Post time: Sep-02-2022