Methods to solve the blockage of jaw crusher

In fact, the blocking problem of jaw crusher is quite common. In order to increase the crushing capacity per unit time, the crusher is blocked. In order to reduce the trouble caused by such problems, we propose corresponding solutions for common situations.


The jaw crusher is blocked: the feeding speed is too fast, resulting in that the plate conveyor cannot be pulled away. In addition, the follow-up equipment on the same production line as the jaw crusher stops working, and the crusher continues to break. This is also the case with other crushers.

(1) Pre screening, pre washing and ore blending can be considered to control water content. Some ores are difficult to treat.

(2) Reduce the spindle speed and increase the discharge port!

(4) Adjust the setting of the discharge port, and the angle should not be flat.

(5) It can be considered to screen in advance and appropriately enlarge the ore discharge opening.

To solve the above problems, we can also install an electric bell and an alarm flashing light at the feed inlet of the crusher equipment, which are directly connected with the relay in the electrical cabinet. When the plate conveyor reaches a set current value, the relay will pull in, the alarm light will start flashing, and the electric bell will ring. If the downstream equipment trips and the plate conveyor current is zero, the audible and visual alarm will also be prompted. After receiving the alarm prompt, the mine car driver will stop dumping to prevent blocking.

Post time: Sep-09-2022