Sand making machine manufacturer told you how to choose equipment for secondary crushing

Secondary crushing generally refers to secondary processing. Raw ore often needs secondary crushing after primary crushing, and this process is called secondary crushing. After the secondary crushing, the fineness and particle shape of the materials are more in line with customer needs. Then, what equipment is generally used for secondary crushing? Which device works better?
1. Impact Crusher
The impact crusher is generally used in the crushing production line. Its function is to deeply process the materials from the jaw crusher to complete the secondary crushing task. Its advantages are:
a. The counterattack plate is made of special materials, with very good wear resistance, so its discharge particle size is more delicate and the purity is very high.
b. The performance of the equipment is very perfect, especially the running state. The stable running state is more conducive to the actual operation of the equipment.
c. Its feeding port is very precise and can crush larger materials.
d. The new generation of impact crusher is equipped with reliable overload protection and over-iron protection devices, which improves the safety of the equipment and effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment.


2. Hammer Crusher
Hammer crusher also belongs to fine crushing equipment, it can also be used as secondary processing equipment:
a. Its application range is very wide, including mining, smelting, building materials, highways, engineering and other industries, so its comprehensive practicability is very strong, such equipment can create more benefits for users as much as possible.
b. There are many kinds of materials processed by this equipment, including marble, granite, limestone, basalt, etc. As long as the material hardness and compressive strength do not exceed 200MPa, this equipment can be used for processing.
c. The hammer crusher has perfect functions and a high degree of automation, which is convenient for users to use.
d. The comprehensive cost performance of hammer crusher is relatively high, and such equipment creates more benefits for users.


3. Cone Crusher
Cone crusher is a kind of equipment with high technology content among all crushing equipment. Its advantages are mainly reflected in functions. The main features are as follows:
a. The equipment has adjustable particle size. It can perform corresponding crushing operations according to the hardness of the material and the content of impurities, so as to ensure the uniformity of the discharge particle size and make the material more delicate.
b. It can process materials in extremely harsh environments. The temperature controller inside is very sensitive, and can adjust the equipment in real time, so that the working temperature of the equipment matches the ambient temperature.
c. There are many types of the equipment, including single-cylinder cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, spring cone crusher and compound cone crusher, etc. Users can choose according to their actual needs.
d. It also has the function of energy saving and environmental protection.


Post time: Jun-08-2022