How to choose a suitable jaw crusher?

1.According to the requirements of the production process, select those with strong adaptability, convenient use and operation, advanced technical performance, high production efficiency, and convenient for supporting production with relevant equipment. Among them, the most critical is that the feeding and discharging particle sizes should meet the requirements, because the crushers produced by different manufacturers will be different in feeding and discharging, and the adjustment range of discharge port will vary greatly according to different models, so it should be carefully selected.

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2.Under the condition of giving full play to its high function, select products with reliable working accuracy, low failure rate, high crushing efficiency and long average life. In addition, the jaw plate of jaw crusher is easy to be worn out. When purchasing, the wear rate of vulnerable parts should be fully considered. The longer its service life is, the higher the relative cost performance is.

3.The selected equipment has reasonable structure, high degree of standardization and generalization of parts, good interchangeability, and is convenient for inspection, testing and maintenance. The jaw crusher has been overloaded for a long time in the ore crushing industry, and failure is inevitable, so the convenience of maintenance should be considered when purchasing.

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4.Select products with low energy consumption of production process equipment, low maintenance costs, minimum operating costs in the whole life cycle and good comprehensive economic benefits. The power consumption of jaw crusher accounts for a considerable part of the total economic cost, so jaw crusher with good energy conservation should be selected.

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5.Materials vary in hardness, humidity, viscosity, etc., and different users have different requirements for the particle size of finished products. Therefore, before purchasing, analyze the composition of materials. Generally, the moisture content of materials is not more than 5%. Materials with large moisture content will affect the throughput of materials.

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Post time: Jul-27-2022