When ZS crush appeared at the Western sandstone booth, the 200T/H (0-5MM production ) 450KW single motor sand making machine will be on the market soon

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2021 West China (Chengdu) International sand and gravel, tailings and construction waste disposal technology and equipment exhibition and sand and gravel Industry Summit Forum

Time: September 16-18, 2021

Venue: Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address: No. 198, shijicheng Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Booth: B07

2021 Western China International sand and gravel, tailings and construction waste disposal technology and equipment exhibition will be held in Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16 to 18. The exhibition aims to improve the high-quality production capacity of mechanism sand and gravel and promote the upgrading of mechanism sand and gravel industry, so as to promote the green, healthy, environmental protection, high-quality and integrated development of sand and gravel aggregate industry. At that time, gravel enterprises from all over the country will gather together to go to the grand event.

ZS crusher was invited to the conference. In the special exhibition area of this conference,  booth B07 welcomes many sand and gravel colleagues and exhibitors. Zhengsheng heavy industry will show the comprehensive strength of Zhengsheng heavy industry from mine design, equipment selection and procurement, installation engineering, production and processing, R & D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, new green mine construction, standardized management consulting, etc.

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Zhengsheng Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (ZS Crusher)is the first manufacturer in China to develop single motor sand making machine. Up to now, Zhengsheng heavy industry's products such as mine crushing, sand making, screening, solid waste treatment and environment-friendly sand making buildings have spread over more than 130 prefecture level cities in China, with a market coverage of 30%. In addition, after 6 years of technical research and development and experience summary, Zhengsheng heavy industry has successfully realized the upgrading iteration of equipment, and will produce a new generation of single motor sand making machine with a end-produciton capacity of 200 T/H(0-5MM) and a motor power of 450 kW when it is launched on October 1.

Equipment Highlights

1. Multi cavity modular rotor design

The machine adopts multi cavity rotor design, which not only meets the large feeding size, but also avoids the "material jamming phenomenon", and improves the passing capacity and processing capacity of the equipment to a great extent.

The rotor is of modular design without welding, and the wear-resistant protective plate can be replaced individually to prolong the service life of the rotor.

2. Unique cavity design

In order to facilitate the repair and maintenance inside the sand making machine, its top cover adopts a rotatable structure. It is convenient for internal inspection or replacement of wear-resistant lining plate and / or sand bed, which greatly saves the time for replacing wear-resistant parts.

One device, two options, users can realize rapid transformation in one machine according to their needs.

3. Bearing lubrication mode

The machine adopts automatic thin oil lubrication system, which can not only ensure the lubrication and cooling effect, but also remove dust and prevent dust from entering.

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Post time: Aug-15-2021