Why and how to solve low capacity?

Don't worry, 8 elements to help you!

Raw Material Properties

The hardness, viscosity and humidity of different materials will be different. The sand production of the sand making machine during crushing will also be different according to the different crushed materials. The higher the humidity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. Materials with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the sand making chamber in the sand making machine. If they cannot be cleaned in time, the working efficiency of the sand making machine will be seriously affected. If the humidity of the material is too high, sunshine or air drying can be used to reduce the moisture in the material.

For materials with a large amount of fine powder, it shall be screened in advance, and the fine powder shall be screened out from the materials as far as possible, so as not to affect the work of the sand making machine.

The harder the material, the more difficult it is to make sand, and the more severe the wear of the equipment.

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Finished Product Discharge Specification

The higher the fineness requirement of the finished product, the smaller the capacity of the sand making machine.

Selection of Equipment Model

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Equipment model is also a crucial factor affecting equipment output. When purchasing equipment, in order to reduce investment, some users choose equipment with small model, but pursue high output in the production process, which is really difficult for the sand making machine.

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Therefore, when purchasing equipment, users should have a certain understanding of their own production and purchase appropriate sand making machine. Otherwise, it will not only affect the output, but also make users spend higher costs.

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Standardized Operation and Regular Maintenance

Standardized operation and regular maintenance of the sand making machine are very important, which will also affect the sand production of the equipment. The continuity and uniformity of feeding have a great impact on crushing. Continuous and uniform feeding can not only make production normal, but also improve production efficiency. If the operation of the sand making machine is not standardized and regular maintenance is not done, it will accelerate the wear of vulnerable parts, greatly reduce the service life of the equipment, and reduce the output.

Equipment Quality

If you want a high output of the sand making machine, you should not only require the quality of the equipment, but also pay more attention to the performance of the equipment. ZS crusher is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials and calibrated by professional equipment, which not only makes the service life of the equipment longer and the operation more stable, but also a strong guarantee for the productivity of the sand making machine.

Scheme Design of Production Line

The design scheme of the production line is also a key link affecting the output. The processing capacity of the front jaw crusher, cone crusher and belt conveyor should also match it, otherwise the final output will certainly not meet the requirements. The configuration of a production line should comprehensively consider various factors in order to meet the production demand.

Influence of Rotor Speed

Continuous materials enter the high-speed rotating impeller and form a continuous power material flow after acceleration, resulting in high-speed extrusion, grinding and crushing in the vortex chamber, so as to obtain continuous crushing production. According to the working principle of the vertical shaft impact crusher, when the particle size of the material has been determined, the kinetic energy increases greatly with the increase of the linear speed of the crusher rotor; When the linear speed of the crusher rotor is constant, if the material mass increases, the kinetic energy also increases, and vice versa.

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There is a certain relationship between the particle size of stone crushed by vertical shaft impact crusher and the linear speed of crusher rotor. On the premise of the same working state, if the particle size of the crushed material is large, the linear speed of the crusher rotor is low. Therefore, when the material crushing strength is large or the crushing particle size is small, the required crushing speed will increase. When the particle size, moisture content and feeding amount of incoming materials are the same, appropriately increase the rotor speed (linear speed) of the crusher and increase the output of fine powder.

Influence of Working Parameters and Operating Factors

The performance and structural factors of the sand making machine have a great influence on the crushing. The type and specification of the sand making machine, the economic and reasonable installed power, the adjustable range of rotating speed, the size of the ore discharge port and the structural form of the crushing chamber all have a great impact on the crushing efficiency.

The above are 8 key factors affecting the output of sand making machine. Another excellent operator is also very important. An excellent and skilled operator can quickly check the hidden trouble of the production line, make the production line run more smoothly, and avoid shutdown and overhaul affecting the output of the equipment. In addition, users should comprehensively consider their own production situation when purchasing, so as to find out the crushing equipment suitable for their own materials.

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Post time: Oct-15-2021